The last works before the merchant’s death

Francesco Datini progressively bought the properties adjacent to the original house, which he subsequently incorporated until he had created a true stately home.
In 1392 he bought from Falcuccio di Nerugio the adjacent cottage which he used as a stable; in 1407 he bought another cottage nearby from Michele di Falcuccio.
The merchant thus became the owner of the entire block, which also included a house with an oven and stove, rebuilt in 1389/91.

Between 1407 and his death, work resumed on the area adjacent to the “big house”, with the construction of two wine ducts, and the creation of two new rooms next to the original ones on the first floor (now occupied by the State Archive); the 1411 inventories listed a small room in the new house, a large room above the duct, a room for bread-making and a child’s bedroom.
In 1399, and before the last interventions, Datini estimated that the palazzo, fondaco and garden had cost a total of over 6,000 florins.