Restoration by Nello Bemporad

The intervention of architect Nello Bemporad, between 1954 and 1958, consisted substantially in consolidating the masonry and demolishing those elements which, although they had divided the merchant’s house over the centuries, had not ruined the original structure and composition of spaces; recovery was possible also thanks to a study of the eighteenth century plan and surveys undertaken before restoration work began.

Bemporad also restored the staircase in the hall opposite St Christopher, a task that was facilitated by individuating the top and bottom of the old staircase, and reconstructed the two galleries that overlooked the courtyard by following the original traces on the walls.

The floor of lime mortar and crushed bricks in the room with two beds was discovered and the part above ground of the well in the courtyard, found under the nineteenth century ground surface, was rebuilt; in addition the original arched windows on the first floor were restored and the ancient stone and brickwork elements were left exposed as were the intrados of the original windows.

At the same time the pictorial apparatus was restored. Restorer Leonetto Tintori was entrusted to recover the exterior paintings; he fixed the raised colour on the plaster, undertook pictorial restoration and mounted the sinopias of the scenes and other parts at risk on frames, now preserved inside the palazzo and replaced by copies on the façades.

Giuseppe Rosi restored the interior pictorial apparatus: he removed the layer of lime from almost all the paintings, with the exception of St Cristopher and Christ Blessing, after which he proceeded to consolidate and restore the paintings.
The decorative motifs on the wooden ceiling of the first floor were also brought to light.